IT Security consulting

Since 2003, we deal with IT security area as well. During this time, we were gained considerable knowledge on the below listed fields:

  • Formation of IT security processes and and their assessment from leadership view
  • Assessment of application-running’s conformity
  • Planning of Business Continuity
  • Design of ITL-standard IT Operation
  • Conformity assessment of systems and environments (SWIFT, VMS, Industrial Electronics)


Our work is carried out by using primarily the COBIT (Control Objectives of Information Technology) and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) methodologies. The indisputable advantage of the COBIT methodology is the approach from management side, from the associated liability from the financial issues, and from the formulated damage-consequence. This approach is usually very efficient, but it is far from the daily operation processes. For this reason we better like to use the ITIL methodology, which is free of gaps, while attaching to COBIT. Based on our experiences, the use of the combination of these two methodologies at the same time can ensure the balanced strength and flexibility for all kind of companies with different sizes.

As security specialist we always consider security under system implementation. Therefore we are able to design and implement secure industrial systems. This way of thinking can be the winning point of a success of our solution.