Medimpex Gyógyszer Nagykereskedelmi Zrt.

Ethical security review
Safety surveying of the Internet/Intranet solutions Simplexion Ltd. provide an comprehensive analysis about those corporate instruments which could means an high risk from IT side because of the Internet availability. This report shows the open doors in the currently used security policies and Simplexion Ltd's suggestions helps in the protection and our solutions ensure a company-wide protection. This security surveys not only a hacker test (ethical hacking) but also a complex analysis from all IT areas, which are in connection with the Internet security. This analysis helps to create an IT solution, which can minimize the chance of the hacking from the Internet.
In the last years Simplexion Ltd. was part of many ethical hack project in successful in financial, insurance area but Simplexion Ltd. has references in the area of the industry and governmental area. The key of our success that Simplexion Ltd. has that base of source what need to ensure that professional team for all projects what fit to the Client special area and requirement. In that case if the Client use a special software environment Simplexion Ltd. do the best to have that knowledge what is needed before the project starting.
In the final reports Simplexion Ltd. gives a solution for all the realized problems and risks.

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