Privacy Statement

Simplexion Ltd. undertakes to issue a clear, accessible, and unequivocal statement informing the user about the method, purpose, and principles of data recording prior to the recording, storing, or processing any of the user's data. Further to the above, in all cases where data recording, management and storage is not made mandatory in law, Simplexion Ltd. shall call the user's attention to the voluntary nature of data disclosure. The party concerned shall be informed about the purpose of the data management, and about the identity of those managing and processing the data. The legal provisions on data management are to be found in an existing legal statute regulating data transfer or related data management.

In all cases when Simplexion Ltd. wishes to use the data for purposes other than those for which they were recorded, it shall inform the user and obtain his prior and explicit consent and shall provide the opportunity for the user to refuse his permission.

Simplexion Ltd. shall guarantee the security of data, and shall make all technical and organizational measures that ensure the protection of data recorded, stored, and processed, and prevent the destruction, unauthorized usage, and unauthorized alteration of data. Simplexion Ltd. further undertakes to apprise any third parties to whom it may forward these data of their duty to fulfil these obligations.