About us

Simplexion Informatics Ltd. has presence in the Hungarian and European markets since 2006 by

  • developing industrial control engineering tools and software with RFID based product monitoring system;
  • providing consultancy services in the field of information security; and
  • offering expertise and solutions concerning payment and clearing services and transaction processing in banking systems.


All of our projects up till now have high value added and the need for extraordinary problem-solving skills in common, since we face challenges appearing insoluble at first sight, very often. Regular enquiries and orders from other countries– typically form Finland, Sweden, Norway, the UK and Canada – confirm that our expertise is recognized internationally.

Professional operation in payment and clearing services in the banking sector was started by SWIFT support. We launched proprietary message-handling application related to intraday clearing in Sberbank and AXA Bank in 2012. In 2016 we made this application ready to handle SEPA transactions with further improvements.

Information security consulting completes finely our banking expertise. Our customers are supplied by audit, pre-audit and general consulting services, since the enforcement of Act L of 2013 on electronic security of state and local government organizations, in the public sector, as well. We provide mainly information security audit and information consulting services, thus we frequently hold the Chief Information Security Officer’s position at our partner companies. Besides, we are open to undertake project management and professional quality assurance tasks.

Replying to market demands, we widened the service portfolio by GDPR consultancy. In order to fulfill this task, we learnt previously the requirements enacted in the European data protection directive, and developed an own methodology for the implementation, taking into account the short deadlines.

The ability of Java development served the basis for our competence in automation systems. We carry out primarily appliance-level developments for individual orders. Our data-concentrator product with general purpose – which can be applied as a control panel – was prepared based on these experiences.

Responding to the observed demands, our service portfolio was supplemented with RFID expertise at the beginning of 2017. Our activity beyond the distribution and integration of products from well-known companies extends to unique developments, as well, if solutions available on the market are not able to fulfill customers’ need. We apply RFID in the execution of the following tasks:

  • monitoring product placement
  • tracking components during production
  • assembling consignments